Fore Abbey & Seven wonders of Fore

Fore is where our B&B is located.
Fore is a beautiful valley in north Westmeath. Fore is a must for any visitor to the midlands.
In addition to its famous Seven Wonders, going back to early christian times and to St.Fechin, it has the best preserved historic monuments in north Westmeath, and many natural attractions.
You can see the ben of Fore, The ancient Town Gates, The huge lintel stone lifted by St.Fechin in his church, The Benedictine Abbey, The water that flows uphill and the medieval anchorite’s cell.
Fore village caters well for tourists. It has a lovely coffee shop with Jane O’Reilly the owner there full of information about the local area and what to do and also serving amazing home baked cakes and scones. It also has a visitor centre and 2 lovely bars in the village.

Click on the images for more views of Fore:

The Seven Wonders of Fore Are As Follows:

  1. Anchorite in stone
  2. Water which will not boil
  3. Monastery built on a bog
  4. Mill without a mill race
  5. Water which flows uphill
  6. Tree which will not burn
  7. Stone lintel raised by St.Fechin’s prayers

Here is a video of Fore Abbey:

Fore Abbey, Co. Westmeath

Situated to the north of Lough Lene in County Westmeath, Fore Abbey is an old Benedictine Abbey ruin, which was once populated by French Benedictine monks from Évreux, Normandy.Ready for your Irish adventure? A bespoke 4-tour of Ireland might be just what you need.

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Fore Abbey is just a few minutes from Whitaker Lodge.